Pulsante Technologies


Technical Parameters:
Equipment for the safe isolation of infected patient during transport isolation chamber is equipped with its own negative pressure filtration system to provide maximum protection and operation safety for both the contaminated person, or item, and the operation team.

1. The chamber negative pressure will be up to -15pa only in 2 minutes after power on.
2. The isolation chamber can be used with a stretcher, which will be easy to move the patient.
3. The “all around” zipper system allows for the chamber to open completely, which gives the operator an easy access.
4. Isolation chamber works with batteries for up to 8 hours of continuous use before battery charge is required.
5. Isolation chamber is a fully collapsible unit that require minimal storage and is ready for use within seconds.
6. The chamber liner is made from a special TPU film and strengthened by inserting ABS poles along each side of the structure.
7. Belt system enables the patient to be fastened while in the chamber, or the chamber is securely fastened to a stretcher or bed.
8. The chamber has ten integrated glove portals on three sides to allow for easy access to the patient and two utility portals used for infusions and other medical equipment team.

Code Number: PP0819
- Unfolded Size (L*W*H): 1900*690*500mm
- HEPA Filter: 4pcs, 99.999% efficiency for 0.3μm particles
- Airflow Rate: 67±10% (m2/h)
- Chamber Noise: <47dB(A)
- Alarm: Audio and visual alarm for insufficient internal pressure and low power

- Standard Accessories: The main chamber, 4pcs disposable HEPA filter, negative generation system, 20pcs PVC gloves, Battery and charger
- Consumables: HEPA filter, PVC gloves
- Disinfection: Disinfect the isolation chamber for 6 hours with ethylene oxide gas (600mg/L) under the condition of temperature 54°C and relative humidity of 80%
- Optional: Stretcher (at extra price)
- Load-Bearing: Up to 150kg
- Power Supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz, Battery voltage: DC12V
- Package Size (L*W*H): 477*57*64 Cm (Carton box)
- Net Weight: 18kg
- Gross Weight: 20kg

3ply mask

Non woven Face mask
25G + 25G + 25G, 3ply
Blue color, BFE 99%

Disposable Shoes Covers

Non-Woven, Non-Sterile

Size: 15x36 cm
1.2-3.0 gm/pc
Material: Spun bonded polypropylene fabric with Anti-Skid Print, 35GSM
Color: Blue

Packing: 25 pairs/box, 6 boxes per carton (Total 150 pairs per carton)

Disposable Protective Coveralls

PP Non-Woven Fabric (30gsm)
Breathable film (30gsm)
Glue (3gsm)
Size: L/XL
Color: White (with blue adhesive tape)
Style: 3 panel hood coveralls, zipper (taped seams), elastic cuff/ waist /ankle
Good moisture permeability and barrier
Sterilization: ED sterilization

Applications: Medical outpatient department, sick room, inspection chamber, lab room, ICU, CDC and other clinical protective places

Guard against cross infection
Effectively resist the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluid, air dust particles, bactéria
Safe and convenient to use
Protects the wearer from the threat of infection threat of infection

Medical Protective Goggles

Frame Material: PVC
Elastic strap, with 4 indirect breathing holes
Anti-Fog PC Lens
Frame width: 149mm